World Class Speakers and Fantastic Presentations 

The Boulder Running Clinics video collection brings world class speakers and their presentations to you, via streaming video and audio. Our videos are affordably priced. Get all of the videos from a specific clinic at a discount; purchase individual videos at $10 per video. The knowledge you'll gain from these fantastic speakers is a great value, considering how seriously you take your coaching and racing.

2018 High School Clinic

Featuring Jonathan Dalby (Mountain Vista, CO - Girls and Boys), Joan Hunter (Loudoun Valley, VA - Boys and Girls), Dan Iverson (Naperville North, IL - Girls), John O'Malley (Sandburg, IL - Boys) and Doug Soles (Great Oak, CA - Girls and Boys).

The clinic was amazing and now you can watch all of the presentations on your phone, tablet or computer. You'll get videos of all nine presentations, both Q&As, a PDF of all of the slides presented, as well as audio files for all of the presentations and Q&As. Over 10 hours of content!


John O'Malley - Building Powerful Runners and 800m Training

Jonathan Dalby - Coaching Freshman

Dan Iverson - Cross Country Training and Borrowing with Integrity

Joan Hunter - Creating a Culture and Progression of Drew Hunter

Doug Soles - Cross Country Training and 1,600m Training


Our most in-depth exercise science clinic, with presentations from Dr. Carwyn Sharp, Dr. George Dallam, Dr. Richard Hansen and Dr. Jeff Messer. You'll get over nine hours of video. This is a fantastic resource for runners and coaches who want to understand the latest exercise science to improve their training.

2015 High School Clinic

Dr. Richard Hansen and Coach Charlie Kern can help you become a better coach. These three presentation, spanning four and a half hours, are sure to make you a better coach. Dr. Hansen discusses running injuries and how to best rehab them, while Coach Kern discusses coaching young runners and how to build a team culture. 

The three videos are in HD; audio files for each presentation are included.

Dr. Richard Hansen

Dr. Richard Hansen, a world class chiropractor and coach of the Roots Running Project, is a crowd favorite of the Boulder Running Clinics. We've bundled all four of his videos for a discounted price of $35. You'll get over five hours of content from one of the brightest minds in the sport. Click below for details on each presentation. 

Dr. jeff messer

Jeff Messer is a unique coach and educator in the running world, with a PhD in exercises science and a high school coaching resume that makes him one of the most accomplished coaches in the country. Click below to learn more about Jeff's three presentations, bundled together for $25. 

Tom Schwartz Clinic

Videos Coming In September 2018